E-Mail from support@mega.nex may explain why so many people have trouble with Mega

When starting to work on our new project dido ('dividere et dominare' which stands for secure cloud storage by dividing documents into encrypted chunks which are stored in different clouds storages) we had the plan to recommend our upcoming customers to use Mega as a storage system.

We ran in bad trouble when using more than a few files. We opened a ticked, asking for the reason of why the store got so slow and needed such a long time to 'recover', to work again.

Mega support answered our inquiry. Unfortunately we deleted the answer. The answer had been auto translated into German. It basically says:

Hello, Our database shows that your account is having many sessions using rclone, an unauthorized third-party tool.
This tool was not been developed or authorized by Mega and
therefore is not recommended. Mega restricts your session when there are too many rclone calls...

Beginning of the original e-mail:
[#PWZ-828-46700]: Transfer IssueWichtig

Hallo, Unsere Datenbank zeigt, dass Ihr Konto viele Sitzungen mit
rclone erstellt hat, einem nicht autorisierten Drittanbieter-Tool.
Dieses Tool wurde nicht von MEGA entwickelt oder autorisiert und wird
daher nicht empfohlen. MEGA schränkt Ihre Sitzungserstellung ein,
wenn Ihr Konto zu viele startet. Es funktioniert genauso für…

We used lot of rclone calls, moving single files instead of using rclone sync on directories. This may be the reason why we had this problem that fast.

We just do not use Mega any more and furthermore use rclone sync where possible. rclone is a wonderful tool!

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thanks for posting that.

this is a known issue and has been discussed a few times.
for example,

and is documented, including a workaround at

Thank you for your feedback. Yes, I sah some postings on this issue. Wanted to share what Mega support says.

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