Dynamically Modify Mount Parameters

Mergerfs has a xattr file which allows changing parameters at runtime.

Can we have something similar for rclone too? Ideally, this would something like changing the auth for a remote without needing to unmount and mount it again.

rclone has an api so this sort of thing is theoretically possible. What do you want to use it for?

For modifying the auth-ed account (or service account) and the Team Drive ID.

This is for scripting the backup of a large number for folders, belonging to different users, to different Team Drives

You'd have to flush the directory cache if the files in the mount were going to change.

Also if there were any files open then rclone would have to veto the change.

I think this is quite difficult to get right - I would have thought restarting the mount would be easier - why don't you want to do that?

The file listing will actually be the same since its the same Team Drive.

The restart is actually what I am using now. There are pre-defined parameters where I trigger the restart based like time and how much has been uploaded.

Was just wondering if this a feature you would consider adding since it would make it possible to script the rotation without needing to cache the directory tree again.

Mount would be overhead for uploading as it's much faster to use copy or move and just use the parameters available for that to change things around. If you can describe your flow, I think that would be a better fit than a mount.

It's not purely uploading however, there is some downloading involved too hence the mount.
I know I can keep a separate mount only for downloading and move files via rclone but that doesn't do it transparently and there is a window (however brief, depending on poll-interval) where the files are not visible on the download mount.

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