Dynamic bandwidth/load check


i wanted to ask if it would be feasible to give rclone the function to automatically read out the server load as well as the current used bandwidth of the system when it is low so that it uploads multiple files at once e.g. 12 files at the same time as well as the full bandwidth of the system.

if another application on the server needs more power or is in use, an automatic rule would be that it only uses 2 files with e.g. 10% of the total bandwidth. virtually like a dynamic rule

#Default in mbit/sec

defaultspeed = 1000
defaultfiles = 12

#dynamic table "load:from-to-example:rcloneupbandwithmax:files" 2.5:250-500:100:2 is the load >=2.5 and bandwidth usage more 250mbit-500mbit will be use rclone 100mbit as upload and max 2 files

that might be a good way to go,

perhaps others also have an idea for a possible To be implemented?

It's possible, but way outside of rclone. The implementation tracking/status of something along those lines is entirely complex and very hard to pull off.

Most folks (like myself) would use QoS to handle that as a single device will have a hard time measuring and judging what your 'bandwidth'.

Depending on your OS, you could also do QoS there, but that gets challenging as well as how do you decide whatn bandwidth is full if you are only talking about a single host in the mix?

For someone that has spent way too many years doing QoS on my home network and have used countless setups, it's not easy to pull off right.

My current setup is ipFire which uses Cake in the guts and works amazingly well.

too bad I had already thought that the implementation probably does not work out so easily. i myself only use rclone remotely and not locally. so ipfire is unfortunately not a choice for me. then it will probably remain a dream of this feature :slight_smile:

You can QOS already on most OS'es so that's always an option as well. Linux is generally much easier as I've never done it on Windows.

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