Duplicated files on rclone copy

Hello, could someone please explain what causes the difference in uploaded files through rclone?

My server uses a 2 TB HDD, and when I use the rclone copy command to move 1.9 TB of data, I see a much larger value on Dropbox (around 3.3 TB). When I downloaded this data to my home local server, there is now 3.3 TB of data.

I'm not sure what is causing this difference. Is it possible that rclone/Dropbox somehow duplicated my files?

Is there any command to check if there are duplicated files in same folder?

If you want to move files use rclone move.

If you want to have in your remote exactly what you have in source use rclone sync

When you use rclone copy it adds all your source content to already existing remote one so not surprise that it can be bigger.

Dropbox does not allow for duplicates so this is not what your should worry about.

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