Duplicate object found in source - ignoring - Arq Backup Data

I love rclone, please do not doubt about that. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I have G Suite and I have some good amount of data in my Google Drive. I also have Arq Backup Data which is very important for me.

Scene: I am trying to sync all data from Google Drive to Wasabi. Then, I will remove it from Google Drive.
Problem: For the first time I have started seeing these messages: Duplicate object found in source - ignoring.

I know that Google Drive can store same file multiple times. But, still trying to understand why Arq 5 created 2 files with same name in Google Drive, must be something with Google itself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Question: Will rclone intelligently copy latest (last modified) Arq 5 files to Wasabi in case of these stupid duplicates?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Yes rclone does that too sometimes. I think it is to do with google drive, but I’ve not come to the bottom of it.

No, it will copy the first one.

I recommend you use rclone dedupe on the drive to sort out the duplicates.

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WOW! rclone dedupe seems excellent. Will try it for sure. Should solve my problem.

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Much appreciated - thank you!

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