Duplicate files on Google Drive (but not really...)

I started a sync job to Google Drive. It was going very slowly. It took a day to transfer an 11 GB file and then about 12 hours to transfer another 7 GB file. When I looked on Google Drive, there are two copies of each file. When I check the running sync job, it says 19GB have been transferred. I’m not sure where the issue lies but I’m willing to bet it is Google. There is no way I could have transferred that much in that amount of time. When I check the activity on Google, it looks like the duplicate file was uploaded a few minutes after the original, also impossible. Somehow, a duplicate is being created. It is still processing the two videos so maybe they are dummy files, I don’t know. Anyone else come across this? No encryption enabled for this.

Duplicate files have been a perennial problem with rclone. (And also for google photos). I suspect it is something drive is doing, but I haven't got to the bottom of it.

That is very interesting that you got duplicates but rclone definitely didn't upload them... That does point the finger to drive misbehaving.

Note that I made the rclone dedupe command specifically to deal with this problem!

Could you write the above comment on this issue please for future reference?



Yes, I’ve seen that it’s been an issue. I added the comment to the issue as requested. I thought it might be interesting as I have not seen any mention of the weirdness that I am having where it obviously could not have been uploaded twice. Good to know rclone just isn’t wasting bandwidth. Thanks.

edit: Come to think of it, I also had a similar issue with a web service. I forget the name but the service would let you link various cloud providers and sync them, using their bandwidth instead of yours. I synced files from Amazon to Google and I also had duplicate issues with that.