Duplicate files after move command

Hi, I am using the below command in a script to move files as soon as they are completed, it works well, the only issue is that it is generating 2 files at remote:Path.

/home/madray/bin/rclone move /home/madray/downloads/Completed/ remote:/Path

How can I improve it to only have one file at remote:Path? File size is the same, so it is a duplicate.

Thanks in advance!

I presume remote: is google drive?

Is it a normal drive account or is it a team drive or some other kind of drive?

Drive seems to produce duplicates for no reason I’ve been able to work out.

Team drives seem particularly susceptible to it.

I think the duplicates should only be occasional. You can fix them with rclone dedupe.

If you do see them every time then I’d be interested to debug further.


Normal Drive Account.

Thanks for the quick reply and proposed fix! I will try that out and let you know in case it doesn’t work.

Congratulations for such an amazing project!

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