Dropbox will now support Google Docs

Dropbox is rolling out support for Google Docs, so you can create / store / edit Google Docs files in Dropbox. It's an opt-in beta feature at the moment, but hopefully it will roll out quickly.

Just wondering about Rclone support here, specifically:

  • supporting Google Doc files on Dropbox remotes; and
  • supporting copy / sync / move of Google Doc files from Google Drive remotes to Dropbox remotes

I'm guessing Rclone won't support this right now, but hoping Rclone can add this functionality now that Dropbox is rolling out this change.

It's possible, but they would also have to expose it via the API. Best bet is to create a feature request on the github if it is something you are looking for.

Looking further at this, seems this isn't possible: https://help.dropbox.com/installs-integrations/third-party/create-google-docs

You can’t move Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, to your Dropbox account from Google

Interesting. If Dropbox uses GDocs the same way Google itself does, rclone could read out data and send it to Google.

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