Dropbox Unlimited Storage Available for $35/Mo

New Dropbox Business Members w/ Unlimited Storage Available:

  • Invoice sent monthly for $35 via Paypal.
    • Utilize Privacy if you're worried about card details. It's free!
  • Encryption for all files and folders is required at all times.
    • Dropbox scans all files for misuse and personal information. If it's not encrypted it'll be flagged and deleted.
    • If it's encrypted I can't see it and neither can Dropbox. It's in everyone's best interest.
  • Sharing any files or folders is not allowed.
  • Sharing account details and login information is not allowed.
  • Storage is 'Unlimited' but additional storage may need to be requested as utilized.
    • If limits are reached, let me know. I'll reach out to Dropbox for support.
    • I'll attempt to keep all users up to date on issues encountered from high usage.
  • Members are given new usernames and passwords for access, anonymity, and account validity.
    • 'Directory Restrictions' are in place but Dropbox isn't built for this type of separation.
    • Anonymously named and configured accounts help ensure privacy.
    • Cohesive branding among accounts ensures the companies validity and life expectancy.
  • There are no guarantees in life.
    • I'll do my best to support and interface with Dropbox but nothing is without risk. Dropbox may decide to end our storage availability or close out the account altogether and there wouldn't be anything I can do. Come up with an exit strategy and make sure to follow best storage practices.

If you're interested message me directly with your current usage and expected growth.
This post will be updated as needed. Membership is still available.

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I'm interested - sent you a pm :slight_smile:

35 ? People, a lot of free slots are available for cheaper...

100%. If you can find a group that pays yearly the actual cost would only be $24/user/mo. However, most folks don't want to pay that upfront cost, deal with all the accounts, handle user management, track payments and billing, or deal with Dropbox support. I also don't want to deal with any of that but will and I think $35/mo is a decent price. No?

Nothing personnal, Imo you're taking advantage of the situation. I deal with dropbox support, it's taking few minutes top each time we need more space... And the billing, just ask people to do a monthly paiement, it's automatic, it's not time consuming. If someone is not paying then after a warning or two, just remove the account.

Having say that, if you find people wanting in then good for you, you're answering a need in the storage space.

I've never had good experiences with any customer support so hopefully what you say comes true. As for pricing, if it costs me $31.72 every month for someone to be on the plan, how does $3.28 mean I'm taking advantage of the situation? To be exact cost the invoice would be like $31.59 which seems like a weird thing to charge so I rounded up.

My dropbox storage that I have since last week also got automatically extended by 1 TB each twice already this past weekend when I got close to my limit (within 1 TB each time). Of course that's not going to work if you want to upload multiple TB at once right away, in that case you probably have to ask support for a bigger expansion, but at least it seems that you don't have to do it every time you hit the limit.

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Hello it’s there an slot available, sending pm.