Dropbox support for Linux filesystems

Hi I am new with rclone. I found this project while looking for a solution for the soon end of syncing feature on Dropbox, while using non-ext4 filesystems on Linux.

I would like to know if using rclone, as a way to sync Dropbox contents, can be seen as a definitive and least invasive solution, or am I just being naive?


its for object based stores - not a block store? in my (admittedly limited testing) with an ubuntu 16.04 box, objects on an ext4 formatted ssd copied to dropbox were fine, as well as pulling them back down.

The end for supporting non-ext4 filesystems will start in November.

I have access to a cluster that is based on ext3 filesystem and I have no option to change it.

By now I am using rclone to sync my files within a script. I hope that in November things continue to work fine.


i think that is the key statement - you arent using the dropbox desktop app to do your syncing, are you :wink:

Good point. I was doubtful to exactly what would not be supported. In this case, I guess rclone would be indeed a good option for linuxers, in order to keep them using Dropbox after November, no matter their filesystem. At least in my department, the word rclone will potentially get popular soon.


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rclone works well with dropbox.

There are some things it doesn’t so

  • rclone doesn’t do 2-way syncing
  • It doesn’t run as a daemon

Other than that I think it would be a great replacement as it does lots of other useful things too!

There is also a “solution” posted in the Dropbox forums:

It’s not really a solution, more a workaround, but it should keep all Linux filesystems working.