[DropBox]Modify window not supported


I recently started to get this error when trying to sync to dropbox.

What does this error means ? Is there a way to fix it ?

I use an old version (v1.35) because the recent version have a bug (config file in different drive) which is fixed on the beta, but this beta also have a bug (don’t remember which one).

Thanks !

Try 1.38 which was released yesterday. If that still doesn’t work for you then please explain the problem.

Oh yes, you’ll need to use a new version because dropbox turned off the v1 API so 1.35 will not work any more with dropbox.

Look like I downloaded just before you update.

The new version work but it is much more slower. Any idea why ?

edit : oh, i think it’s just a perception thing. With the old version verbose was really verbose.
I tested with -v and it looked like it took forever, but with -vv it looked like it was really fast.
But in reality, both took 10s. It just that waiting without anything showing look like it take forever.

I change exactly how much stuff gets logged with -v vs -vv so you are right.

Maybe -v should still send information sometime. Like each 10s the number of file checked ?

Every 1 minute the stats will be logged with -v which will show which files are being transferred.