Dropbox Business Advanced slots available

slots available for a newly created dropbox business advanced team account.

no external sharing.
every user has his/her own space with no access by other users.
internal exchange and sharing of files could be set up via rclone mounts if ok with team members.
rclone uploads only via crypt config incl. filename and directory name encryption to be on the safe side.

€25.80 / user / month

preferred yearly payment since it gets a little cheaper:
€259.20 / user / year
(€21.60 / user / month)

PM me if interested to discuss the details or you have any other open questions.

Do you still have slots available?

As Dropbox decided to drop any unlimited subscription plans this offer is not available anymore.

We didn't get any reliable information on the future plans (prices, storage limits...) which makes it very risky to store your data with Dropbox.

We are backing up our data, getting a full refund and cancelling any contracts with them.

Good luck if you decide to stay with them that it somehow works out for your company.

To local storage now or what does your backup look like?