DropBox Business Advanced - Limits & Questions?

I've recently started using dropbox business advanced and I'm curious about what limits it has. Mainly things like, daily upload, daily download, and file size limits?
Speaking of file size limits, Ive noticed a ton of files error and re-upload, far more frequently than with GSuite. Also I can't really verify if the filesize limit is 50 or 100GB, does anyone know?
If there is a 50GB limit you can bet I'll be here with some equally dumb questions about setting up a chunk remote.


best to get that information from dropbox website, as different plans have different limits.

as for rclone errors, best to open a new topic, using the help and support template and provide all the requested info.

Also I can't really verify if the filesize limit is 50 or 100GB, does anyone know?

I just transferred a 101GB file to my dropbox business advanced and it had no issues getting up there.


I talked today with Dropbox support. Business plan advanced with 3 users that gives you "unlimited storage space" is limited to 10 TB initially, if u need more space u need to contact them to allow extra space.

I was considering making a new thread to ask this, but this quote reply is too perfect.

Has anyone reading this managed to store more than 10TB of data on dropbox yet?

AKA has anyone asked dropbox for more storage to meet their "as much as needed" claim? If so, has it been granted?

What's the most anyone has managed to be granted? My Gdrive is at 90TB right now, and well, I've noticed, dropbox discussion on this forum has gone WAY WAY WAY up, I can only assume a lot of people are migrating from gdrive to dropbox.

So, bottom line, anyone managed to pull off a really big migration yet?

I requested over 100TB without issue. I opened a support ticket and the increased storage few hours after. Don’t expect to have 90TB immediatly but at the end, it’s ok.
I don’t use service account to migrate from Google, so i was limited to 10TB / day.

That is reassuring. Thanks.

And just to confirm, you've got a 3 user business advanced plan? Yes? Or some other variation?

Yes, you need three license to be eligible for advanced offer.

The way I worded it was weird, but mostly I wanted to make sure they hadn't forced you to go beyond and above 3. Thanks for being so clear. That sounds like a totally reasonable bargin for 60$ a month.