Dropbox Business Advanced - Auto Increase Storage

So I have a dropbox business advanced account which comes with "unlimited" storage. The caveat though is they don't just give you unlimited amount, you get allocated so much storage and then increase as you need more.

There appears to be an automated process that determines when you get "close" to your upper limit and it adds storage to your account. I've got a few automated emails at like 1:00 AM that say they noticed I was getting close so they increased my storage.

Anyone know how to trigger that automated process to evaluate my usage and do an auto increase? Support is usually helpful, but they are only there during normal business hours.

I just ask when I have less than 5TB left. I’ve not found any automated way.

Sounds good. I was just hoping there was a way to "trigger" it as it will add space automatically sometimes.

I noticed that i got several mails saying they have added one TB additional storage even when I had more than 10 TB free space remaining.

I guess if you have less than X % free Space available they automatically give you 1 TB on Top and if you need more you can just request more .

That's not consistent as I've let my space run out before to test that.