Dropbox Business $30 & Google Work Space $10 for 10TB

I recently move from Google G Suite to Dropbox Business, Using rClone with Dropbox and very pleasure, I have Dropbox Business Plan and only using one spot, and looking for share other 2 spots, Price will be $30/Month. You will have your own Dropbox Licence with your email, All features that come with Dropbox Business Plan.
Also have an active subscription for Google Workspace, Its still unlimited but Google said they will be limit it with 100tb from July and i can distribute that space with my users, As im not using it if someone need a Google Workspace with 10tb space i have 9 open spots, Price will be $10/Month. If you really interested with Google Workspace i can share 7 days free trial.

Interested in the dropbox, I sent you a DM

Where is your dropbox data located, eu or USA ?

There is no any option to choose data centre with business plan, check dropbox business plan for more details