Dropbox? box? alternative to G Suite

I got an email from Google G-Suite that i need to migrate my data away from Google.

So what do we do now? Can we use Dropbox? Or Box?

I can se box.com is limited to 50 000 api calls a month. And with google i use 500 000 now. So thats a problem. Is it possible to configure rclone to use less api calls?

The primary question is for what you like to use the cloud storage.
If the "unlimited storgage" is the biggest point, i would go with google or dropbox as they are much bigger then box. And for my needs google and dropbox are cheaper then box, because the smallest box account with unlimited storage is limited to a maximum of 5GB per file. The plus account is already more expensive then dropbox and google and offers o a maximum file size of 15gb only (for my needs even 15GB would be to less and i think thats how they are getting to their "unlimited" storage)...

You need to upgrade to Google Workspace - You dont need to move away from Google .

yea I do. They do not support the size of my google drive. I spoke with the support there today and they told me there is no subscription for me there anymore.

there are a number of open topics such as

Out of curiosity, what is the size of your Google Drive? What type of account? Have you ever used service accounts to circumvent the upload limit? Did you use team drives?

more than 100tb

Seems odd they would send you an email telling you to move your stuff off of their service. A lot of us have way more than 100TB and have never received a notification like that. Would you mind sharing more details? Perhaps show us that email? Anyway, hope it all works out for you. I just migrated my account to Enterprise Standard, and so far so good.

Hello Administrator,

We previously notified you that your G Suite subscription will transition to a Google Workspace subscription. We’re writing to let you know that you can now begin your transition. There are two options:

* **Option 1 (recommended)**: Self-transition now in a few easy steps.
* **Option 2**: Let Google transition you automatically once your organization is eligible*, starting from January 31, 2022. We will provide you with at least 30 days notice before your transition date.

**Your eligibility date will be determined based on the features you use and only after your current annual/fixed-term plan ends, if applicable.* ([Learn more](https://notifications.google.com/g/p/AD-FnEyLbXbizhxg88qQNfZe_dZrUaT_2zfLUdzbvNZv1Ko0IhOQFWp79eynca_ZE48QQh5buD83dJNzHlRsIgLKR_3CO7p_yfTV4eUI2YvNLZ4I) about your current plan.)

### What do I need to do?

Review our [comprehensive comparison](https://notifications.google.com/g/p/AD-FnExQJPT83bDVb_HVCTesIP3BooizLrjkjP51ZwG1x_giHtMyKDke6HNNF8Ni7PkGlKOqrcBHY5EowzwwQBhSM12ixJI6MDMdU50Sz3jkiIU) of subscription plans and select the best option for your organization’s needs. Then, from your [Admin console](https://notifications.google.com/g/p/AD-FnEyytBuCxwUbKmLm54qMRUc8t2CjIwnvvnCaRB-kBRkiuY3nWLMJsQRPbg6pIoBbiLUJrNOnrU8kcLk09w), select your new subscription offering.

If you choose not to select a new subscription offering, Google will transition you seamlessly to a new Google Workspace subscription based on what you currently use with G Suite. For most customers, the transition does not impact pricing. However in some cases, pricing may vary based on specific product usage.

#### Where can I learn more?

* Visit our [help center](https://notifications.google.com/g/p/AD-FnEyBAKPbOTbaBSwG4XyAtzFcaG47i3gCNpUbNaw43p8DjwV41vrtiVHYhh331dxT3AQGgw-CSCdcSsUxGjIX3LycoLDQMgekmiKC4nHeH4zV) for more information on the G Suite to Google Workspace transition.
* Find answers to common questions in the [FAQ](https://notifications.google.com/g/p/AD-FnEz-08tMjXZFFBssYWMnhPOWW7Ri69rVhmHn8OWX7_4O5bsp7wAZZBB_uPIzvR96jmIyYEXHFadCjjULoITb5ezL0WcPRtN2Q-KNfQ9IVAJA7OKBhQ).

### We’re here to help

Transitioning from G Suite to Google Workspace is not disruptive to your end-users or admins. If you have questions or need further assistance, please [contact Google Workspace support](https://notifications.google.com/g/p/AD-FnEyjbtr5Vrui0wLh9DYRjxMvOO64zQsDOwwh_w5bMBW4qO7KrMolr11-m3BQMgfc8y9R-2oN0GvYtKE4kmduV9Q2uP5I99JgKQVboar0sA0). When you call or submit your support case, reference issue number 193674248.

Thanks for choosing Google Workspace.


The Google Workspace Team

I contacted google support and they told me they do not have any unlimited storage.

So, this is the email that everyone on GSuite Business received. Not sure why you think they're telling you to move your files. If you simply migrate yourself to Workspace Enterprise Standard, you should be fine. For now, anyway. I honestly don't understand those who contact Google and ask about unlimited storage, unless you've previously met the criteria of having at least five users (note: I only have one).

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Yep move over to Workspace Enterprise Standard and you will be fine. While Google's standard line is you need 5 users attached for unlimited storage this isn't the case (at least not now). I migrated over to WES a while ago and had no interruption of service and no issues with the amount I have stored (a couple hundred TB's). Move over voluntarily now and there won't be any questions asked.

What's the price diff when moving from GSuite Business to Workspace Enterprise Standard?

EDIT: Seems like it's doubling-ish. Paying 41 EUR for 4 users today, and internet says it costs 20 USD per user.

Yes, it goes up from $12 to $20 per user.

This seems strange - I recently set up a google workspace enterprise account that explicitly has unlimited storage for $20 a month (I have about 8tb of plex content I legally own there )

Edit: saw the rest of the replies - I also set up a single account