Dropbox basically useless with all the rate limiting?

Anyone else noticed that dropbox is basically useless with all the rate limits? rclone size, copy, sync anything you do you get a lot of too many requests wait 300 seconds.

Is there a recommended tps limit to use ?

I tried making my own client id and key, and still nothing... just rclone size with --fast-list still gives me this error...

It's becoming basically unusable

What used to work was to create separate own client id/key for every active rclone dropbox connection and use --tpslimit 12 --tpslimit-burst 0 transactions limiting settings.


Uhm, no. Are you on an account with other people?

My Advanced accoint is working perfectly. I just uploaded 500gig @ 2gbit/sec. If your on a team thats using it for plex streaming or aomething, they have limited rclones usage per minute, but this value is shared by everyone on the account. So if other users have high usage you will get this error. We had a guy on our account plex hosting and we were getting upload errors. Soon as he stopped, we started to be able to upload at full speed again.

Afaik the tps is limited by application/api, not by account. That's why it's recommanded to create multiples applications with dropbox. And still the tps limit to 12.

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