Dropbox App ID - Any benefits to creating one?

At the bottom of this post is instructions found on the rclone dropbox page regarding Dropbox App ID.

My questions is in regards to the benefit of this, if any? Is there a benefit? I read "This is shared between all the rclone users." but not sure if thats just in regard to the app Name within connected apps, or if creating your own App ID actually gives you better API limits.

I do not care if im a average joe with "rclone" as my app name, but if it provides better api limits, than its something i will do.

Get your own Dropbox App ID

When you use rclone with Dropbox in its default configuration you are using rclone's App ID. This is shared between all the rclone users.

Here is how to create your own Dropbox App ID for rclone:

  1. Log into the Dropbox App console with your Dropbox Account (It need not to be the same account as the Dropbox you want to access)
  2. Choose an API => Usually this should be Dropbox API
  3. Choose the type of access you want to use => Full Dropbox or App Folder
  4. Name your App. The app name is global, so you can't use rclone for example
  5. Click the button Create App
  6. Switch to the Permissions tab. Enable at least the following permissions: account_info.read, files.metadata.write, files.content.write, files.content.read, sharing.write. The files.metadata.read and sharing.read checkboxes will be marked too. Click Submit
  7. Switch to the Settings tab. Fill OAuth2 - Redirect URIs as http://localhost:53682/
  8. Find the App key and App secret values on the Settings tab. Use these values in rclone config to add a new remote or edit an existing remote. The App key setting corresponds to client_id in rclone config, the App secret corresponds to client_secret


best to create your own id, reduces the chances of hitting api quota limits and throttling.

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