Dropbox API Limit Sanity check

Randomly browsing dropbox's website, the way I read this - it seems they have stealth raised the monthly file transfer API limit on business accounts from the absurd 25,000 to 1 million?

and yes as far as I am aware rclone is a "data transfer partner" in this scenario

from what I've been able to find via file transfer API the file size limit is 350 GB


You mean this "1 million API calls/month for data transport partners"?

What exactly is a data transfer partner? I didn't apply for rclone to be one?

I think they just mean using their API as when I was testing rclone, the API hits registered there. That is a good change actually.

I will probably set up another trial business account to see how it shows up, I might be remembering from some other service which actually listed rclone

I've just logged into my dropbox trial to check and it has definitely been bumped. Now I need to figure out how best to sync my encrypted gdrive to dropbox. :thinking:

Yeah, I just noticed it also. I've been looking for a backup for gdrive. DropBox checks all the boxes but at $75/month it's a little pricey. I just subscribed to jottacloud - which is unlimited, but a low slower than either gdrive or dropbox.

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