Dropbox alert! :((

hello everyone,
Dropbox refuses to provide additional storage. not just to me.

Is there an authorized government agency in the USA where I can report Dropbox?

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IMO, reporting will do nothing. It would be faster to change storage provider. "Vote" with your wallet.

My non-informed guess is that the afflux from gdrive put some stress on their solution, space wise, so they're working on increasing it faster that usual ? The good news is, for me, speed wise it is still quick, no latency, etc, so the system isn't crumbling or anything. For now I've 40-50tb left so the team is good... When we need more space, I hope it will be resolved by then.

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You are 100% right, but likely the problem is abuse of the service. There are only so many suckers services out there willing to host many TBs for a pittance. They probably save money by many of the people hitting this issue leaving.

I am not at all surprised. I wish I were wrong.