Dropbox Advanced - Problem to getting more Free Space


ich have a Dropbox Advanced Plan only for me(3 user) and i pay for 3 Users monthly but only activate 1 user. The Problem is that Dropbox not give me much space as i need rather much space as dropbox allow me. I Am since 4 June on this plan and it was realy hard to get 100TB Space. If i ask for more in Chat, they only told me that there is a problem and dropbox engineers working on a solution and so on...than the chat switched to a e-mail ticket and then I never hear anything again. it's been like this more than once in the past few days.

Anyone have the same problems?

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Yep I am having the same issue, and got told the same thing. I chased it up and the response was:

"As mentioned previously, Dropbox engineers are aware of the problem and are working on a solution. I cannot advise as to when they will be able to resolve this, but I will be able to inform you as soon as they do resolve it."

Which is not very helpful, I am now stuck with half my content still on google and the other half on dropbox :frowning:

Guess it is just a waiting game for now... (But I imagine there has been an unexpectedly huge influx of data into dropbox since google clamped down)


For a few weeks ago they had such an issue with the resellers. And after 5 days it was resolved. And spaces got extended.

Maybe now the same is affecting “normal” users.

I'm new on DropBox, with a lot of content to move from GDrive, hopping that this is just an issue, and not them starting to limiting storage. Currently I'm in 16TB and receiving 3Tb each time I'm 20% or less in storage space.

This is what I got now:

Kindly note, due to our policies regarding storage increase requests, we're only able to grant additional space once every seven days.

Last time I asked was 4 or 5 days ago. They gave me a bit less extra storage than what I needed so here I am now waiting two more days so I can get more.
I'm on my first month so don't want to imagine how it will be later...

Interesting. I mean, If they increase my storage 200TB every 7 days i will be fine :smiley: do You in the free plan? Because I was told that storage cannot be increased during the free trial period. So I paid right away for the first month.

I'd be happy if that was the case too, lol
This week they told me they can only give me 10TB more and they say in 7 days they'll be able to give me another 10TB.
I mentioned that I'll need 100Tb more to complete my data migration from another service and they mentioned that they can't because an issue that engineers are investigating. It sounds like an excuse to me...

Thank you for your Info! I think Dropbox have Problems with the big increase of Users who would Switch from gsuite to Dropbox. Dropbox have to keep the service for normal User without affect. So they have to keep enouth free storage as "Buffer" and i think the engeneers need a few days or weeks to Order and Install new hard Drives. I give Dropbox a few weeks and If they Not solve the Problem i Open PayPal Buyer Protection And ask for my money back.

Yeah it makes sense and it'd be fair. I just hope there are no lies when they say "as much as you need storage". More than anything this is an inconvenience for me as now I'm paying two services because I still didn't complete my data migration... hopefully they can sort it soon and I can stop paying for Google Workspace

I was thinking that I'm the only one facing this issue, many emails sent but they always say the same:

Dropbox engineers are aware of the problem and are working on a solution.

LOL I know the reply that I will received after every email that I send.
I get stuck at 50TB, and another 250TB to move, I will give them few more days, anyway I don't think we another provider for space at the moment.

Is your problem resolved? as They are telling me the same words when I ask for more space

I think, No. As far as I know you currently get a maximum of 10TB per week.

Dang this sounds like a serious issue, although 10tb every 7 days is better than the 25tb every 90 days google is rumored to do.

I wonder if opening a new dropbox account via layeronline is better or worse in regards to this particular problem. hmm.

Opening one via LayerOnline will get you unlimited data, that is untill their first batch of data they were allocated is used up. With how many people are leaving Google, it is only a matter of time before LayerOnlines account becomes FULL. If they grow to max usage, they will have problems getting more. They have limited advanced and enterprise accounts to 10TB/week when your approaching your limit or are full. I talked about switching over my 20 users on advanced to enterprise and they are in the same situation as the advanced people. Going to enterprise is the same concept as advanced, you have to ask for more storage when you run out. So eventually, LayerOnline will fill up. Especialy people who try to bring PETABYTES of sh*t over from their Google Drive they used to sell plex shares to people with.

Your only other option is BOX.com
You can subscribe to their cheapest business unlimited plan, but you would have to setup a "chunker" in rclone for any file over 5gb. The good news is, even with big files being chunked, when they are mounted via an rclone mount, they show up as 1 big file in file explorer..

I remember another user mentioning that box.com API limits are quite reserved so for rclone purposes it might not be fit for use?

Edit: Looks like rclone somehow does not count towards Box's API limits. See here: Box.com monthly API limits - #13 by Traducciones_Malakit