[drive] How to move directories by date added?

I am trying to figure out the best way to move a bunch of directories, server-side, based on date uploaded. The rational for this is that a sync script dumped 1000+ dirs in the drives root location, instead of the wanted subdir.

I am now thinking in the line of
rclone move drive: drive:/target --min-age 2020-08-02 --max-age 2020-08-02

But it seems I am using the wrong format for the date?

When I try
rclone move drive: drive:/target --min-age 101d --max-age 103d -P

I get the following error:
Failed to move: can't sync or move files on overlapping remotes

This although the target directories date is 2020-03-02 (so out of range)

Note that those dates only apply to files and will be ignored for directories. As long as you are OK with this that will work.

Note that in rclone move drive: drive:/target the source and the destination can't overlap, so you'll need to write something like rclone move drive:source drive:target --min-age 2020-08-02 --max-age 2020-08-02

Thank you for your feedback, this means my approach is wrong as I am not interested in moving just files. My aim is to move all directories (with content) added at a specific date (2020-08-02), from the GDrive ROOT location to a subdirectory.
Similar to: mv /* /books/*

Could you advise best practice in this case?

I'd probably use rclone mount then use some unix tools like find.

Is this something you will need to do more than once? Or just a one off?

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