Downloading shared folder using rclone

Is there a way to make rclone recognize shortcuts of shared drive folder?
Or how to download multiple shared folders in one command line?

In the past I usually create a parent folder that contains shared foldersthat I wanted to download using a shortcut on google drive 'shift+z' so I could using the command however it seems that this shortcut does not work anymore that I want to download and using rclone copy

I'm currently running the latest rclone version 1.54 on window 10 intel

You can't have multiple parents any more (that is what SHIFT-Z did) but you should be able to make a folder and add a shortcut


You can also use the --drive-shared-with-me flag to look at the files someone has shared with you.

Does rclone now recognise shortcut folders?

I have just updated my rclone to the latest version but in the earlier version rclone didn't download files in the shortcut folders

Yes, it does.

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