Downloading case sensitive files to windows using rclone

Hi guys,
I had a bunch of files with case sensitive filenames on a Linux server I was able to upload to GDrive using the cript remote.
however, I'd like to back up those files to an external hdd now, and was wondering what would be the bestest and fastest way to go about doing so?
I am using win10 64bit (the system to which the external hdd will be attached), there are a lot of files on gdrive, and the size is huge too (about 2TB)
Is there a way I could get the hdd files and directories to be case sensitive so that all the files are downloaded and not skipped, and pause/ resume syncing/ downloading?
lastly, any other suggestions, and help with windows rclone etc would be really welcome.

You can copy the crypted files to hdd.
Then decrypt them on WSL.

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windows does perserve case for folders and files.

so why cannot rclone be used as is without wsl?

This is a good suggestion . Note that you can then set up a crypt (or use the same one with --crypt-remote E:\path\to\hdd) to read the files from there.

Provided you don't have files which are the same except for differing in case, so file.txt and FILE.txt then you can just copy the files to the hard disk and the case will be preserved.

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Thank you all of you guys for the suggestions/ help!
From what I have read, windows ntfs does not differenciate between case of the files, I.E Hello.txt and hello.txt would be same for windows.
Is this incorrect?
If it's not, how would rclone be able to download case sensitive files to the hdd without replaceing the file already in there?
Another question I have is, sinse the size is so big and my speed isn't exactly fast, the download will take days, so how would I pause, start, and or resume downloads again after a shutdown or in case of internet disconnection?
Would rclone automaticly resume if I give it same command to copy?
Thank you all again for the help, I appreciate it.

by default windows, is case-preserving but not case-sensitive.
however, windows can be tweaked to be both case-preserving and case-sensitive

 Directory of C:\data\testcase

07/11/2020  09:11 AM    <DIR>          .
07/11/2020  09:11 AM    <DIR>          ..
07/11/2020  09:11 AM                 0 TEST.txt
07/11/2020  09:11 AM                 0 test.txt

and when copying from gdrive to local, you need to add flag

yes, you can stop rclone copy and restart it. rclone is smart about deciding which files needs to be copied.

the docs are confusing,
"Copy the source to the destination. Doesn't transfer unchanged files, testing by size and modification time or MD5SUM"
might be
"Copy the source to the destination, testing by size and modification time or optionally by checksum, unchanged files will not be copied"

if you lost the network connectivity, for a short period of time, rclone can deal with that, and there are flags to tweak the behavior.
but for a prolong outage, rclone would fail and exit with a error code

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