Download Transcoded Files on Google Drive


When I upload a 10GB video to Google Drive, google drive generates 3 low quality versions of this video file. 1080p 720p 480p.

I would like to know if through Rclone it is possible to download these files generated from the original? If so, could you please teach me how?

Thank you in advance.

Not currently

Do you know if these are available via the API?

I dont know how do this. I'm newbie in this rclone world.

I don't think the drive API supports downloading lower resolution videos.

You could use something like this

I believe that if there is this file generated for viewing video in 1080p, 720p, 360p somehow it can be accessed. But I don't know how to download these transcoded files in an easier way to my PC without having to use plugins in Chrome like VideoDownloaderHelper or SkyLoad. If Rclone were able to download these videos by including a flag on the command line it would be wonderful. Ex:

Rclone copy "Gdrive1: Folder" "C: / Downloads" --transcodedfiles -v -P

Then the file names would be:

video.mk4 - Original Archive

Thnks for yout support.

I found a page demonstrating how to do this

It doesn't look too tricky.

Want to have a go at this?

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