Download from Amazon Drive

I need to download approximately 2 TB of files from Amazon Drive to my computer (running Windows), if I do it using the official application it doesn’t go over 70 Mb/s even though my connection is 100 Mb/s.

I downloaded and successfully configured “rclone” by following these instructions:

I managed to run the following lines (“rclone lsd remote:” and “rclone ls remote:”), but I don’t understand how to download what I want.

To make it as simple as possible, I created a folder in Amazon Drive called “downloads” where I placed the files I want to download.

I don’t have any experience in command line applications, can you help me?

Thank you.

try adding different values of transfers and checkers
for example if your amazon folder is called downloads
rclone copy remote:downloads c:\localdl --transfers=16 --checkers=16 --stats=1s -v
and you can experiment with this 16 values

70 out of 100 really isn’t that bad if you are sure nothing else is using it. I’d just let it go personally as you are moving 2TB anyway so what’s a few more hours :slight_smile:

Thank you, it works great, I’m now downloading at full speed.

Is there any way to pause the downloads without closing down the command window?

Does the “checkers” value need to be the same as the “transfers”?

even if you stop it you just do copy again and rclone will find and resume itself