Download Directly To Cloud?

I was thinking about implementing a download directly to an rclone cloud mount… has anyone actually done this successfully? What are the risks / mitigation? I don’t mind having to download and re-upload things to move them around. Would it be better to use a google drive or amazon?

The rclone mount doesn’t work well for writing large amounts of data. For moving data, it’s preferred/better to use a rclone copy/sync to get things up there as you can add more transfers/checkers.

This doesn’t work for the reasons already mentioned. What I have done though is create a post-processing script (for whatever tool used for downloading), and have rclone move the file after download, before downloading the next one. That way I never needed more HDD space than the largest file I was planning to download.

You can do it, just depends on the app that will do it since open&write is not supported.
Make sure that on mount you set --retries 100 or even higher to make sure files are actually copied.

so it wont work for downloading and seeding torrents…

I will definitely not recommend that. You will have high usage on your drive and will likely hit the API limit. Google or Amazon will think you are sharing the drive and (temp) ban you.

Torrents are a really bad use case for Cloud Storage.