Download all files on mount?

As I understand it, rclone mount performs 'lazily' in the sense that it will show you all the files if you ls the mounted directory but won't actually download the file from the remote unless you explicitly access it. Is there a way to override this behavior and immediately download the files from the remote on mount so that when I eventually do access a large file it's immediately available and I don't have to wait for download? I see all the VFS caching options but that seems to only be relevant to files that are actively accessed for read/write by the user (perhaps I'm interpreting the docs incorrectly), I'm looking to download all the files in the remote before I actively try to access the file at all.

There's no way to force download every file on the mount with an option.

You can write a script and cat every file or something and that would basically do the same thing.

You'd need a cache disk equal to your full remote and set the size/timeouts to be large/super long.

Got it, thanks for the help here! Wonderful project and active community

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