doubts about rclone, gdrive, encryption and non-encryption,

Hello, good day, sorry, I have some knowledge about plex, however I have doubts, I hope you can support me
1.-What difference is there if I encrypt the files when I upload them to Gdrive or if I do not encrypt them?
Can I lose the information by not encrypting the files?

Advantages and disadvantages of encrypted and unencrypted gdrive? (obviously apart from the extra security when encrypting)
What is more recommendable and why?

  1. Do I plan to use a VPS as a seed box or feeder?
    I want to mount a VPS to use it as a seedbox or feeder and then upload all the information to gdrive
    If I upload the information to Gdrive using the encrypted system, I can use my library later on another vps
    or it would be better to upload the information without using it to manage the use of gdrive later

4.-When I started researching about the broadcast project, I read that I could use Google photos as infinite storage connected through gdrive.
It is right? Can you use it now? Or do you completely recommend the purchase of gdrive? If you can use the normal gdrive account for infinite storage, when mounting the folder with rclone or plexdrive, can I?

5.-I have 1 Tera of material or more in order to load in the cloud, if I upload the encrypted things, can I decipher them later?
If I upload the information without encryption, could I encrypt it later?

I’m not that good in English (use the google translator: V)