Doubt about "rclone move" command

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Would like to ask a clarification about the rclone move command.

From the docs i read:

If no filters are in use and if possible this will server side move source:path into dest:path. After this source:path will no longer exist.

Otherwise for each file in source:path selected by the filters (if any) this will move it into dest:path. If possible a server side move will be used, otherwise it will copy it (server side if possible) into dest:path then delete the original (if no errors on copy) in source:path.

What is the difference? In the first case the entire source:path will be deleted, in the second case only the content of source:path will be deleted?

Could you please explain in more detail?


well, i could be wrong, and we have many rclone experts that will let us know.

without the filter, rclone knows it can move all files from source:path to the dest:path.
no doubt about that, nothing will be left in the source.
it might be that rclone issues a single operation to the backend, much like moving a folder and its sub-folders on a local file system.

with a filter, rclone has to check each source file, one by one, and make a decision,
to move or not to move, that is the question....

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I have to say i did not understand. Both sentences from the docs seems pretty similar too me.

I can't figure out what your question is as I'm trying to parse through it.

Can you give a use case on what you are trying to figure out?

Move deletes the file from the source.
If you have filters, filters would apply to the move.

If a remote supports server side, it does this without re-uploading and handles it on the server.

I quoted two sentences from the docs that are separated by "otherwise".

I do not understand the difference between the two sentences.

They seems to just say the same thing but in different things and i was trying to be sure i understood correctly.

The first sentence refers to no filters.

The second sentence refers to using filters.

Ah ok, well it says "if any" about filters, so it takes in consideration also the absence of filters. Maybe i'm misreading it.

read it this way, without the if any
for each file in source:path selected by the filters, that file will be moved into dest:path

I think you are over analyzing it.

All in all, move deletes from the source which is different from copy.

The second is about filters and reaffirming (if any) that if no filters are in use, it does the same thing as in the first sentence.

Ok, yes maybe but i'm new so better to go deeper on the docs.


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