Does rclone record unfinished uploads

An example:

I am uploading a folder with a few 4GB video files to the cloud with encryption using rclone sync. Half way through the transfer of one file, I accidentally close the command prompt (I am using windows). The next day I use the same sync command to sync the folder again because I realized the accident.

Q1: Does rclone remember if I mess up and one of the files gets cut before its uploaded?

Q2: What happened to the video file that was half done? Is it just removed and started again next sync?

Q3: Is there any way to pause the upload and resume it at my leisure?

Thank you to Nick Craig-Wood for this software

When you start the new sync it looks to see what is there first.

In general cloud storage systems don’t support half uploaded files - they are either there or not there. So if it was only half uploaded, it won’t be there at all.

You can’t pause the upload for too long without the upstream provider timing out and killing your upload.

What you can do is make rclone run slower.

You can use the --bwlimit schedule to turn the bandwidth down at times, and you can use SIGUSR2 to turn the bandwidth limiting on and off.

HI Nick, I cant find anything in the readme for version 1.35 about a bwlimit schedule. I did some looking and found issue #221 was closed. Am I correct in assuming that the new bwlimit in the beta now?

Yes it is in the current beta and you’ll have to look at the docs from that issue. Sorry I was getting ahead of myself!