Does Rclone(Magisk module) for Android download files to storage or ram when using with Plex server(ShieldTV)?

So I just installed rclone(magisk module) on my nvidia shiledtv(16GB model) to use with the plex media server. I'm curious will rclone connected to gdrive with plex use up the shield's internal storage write cycles or does rclone download the file to the RAM for plex to send out to clients? I believe RAM is the preferred way but if it uses internal storage, is there anyway to have it go to an external drive instead of internal storage?

Also if anyone has any suggestions on the best settings/parameters to use for rclone on the shield please let me know. Currently using default settings with the magisk rclone mount module.

Thanks for your help and advice everyone!

hello and welcome to the forum,

rclone is very flexible.

by default,

  • rclone uses very little ram, as it downloads a file in chunks.
  • no hard drive space.

rclone can use internal storage or external storage.

it all depends on your rclone command.
can you post it?

seems these two settings control the cache location.


also, you might want to update to the latest, v1.53.0, which has a new vfs cache functionality.

Thanks. What is VFS Cache? Is it better?

Also this is a more updated version

These are the default parameter.

  LOGFILE=/sdcard/.rclone/rclone.log  ( --log-file )

  LOGLEVEL=NOTICE  ( --log-level )

  CACHEMODE=off  ( --vfs-cache-mode )

  CHUNKSIZE=1M  ( --cache-chunk-size )

  CHUNKTOTAL=1G  ( --cache-chunk-total-size )

  READCHUNKSIZE=1M  ( --vfs-read-chunk-size )

  CACHEWORKERS=1 ( --cache-workers )

  CACHEINFOAGE=1h0m0s  ( --cache-info-age )

  DIRCACHETIME=30m0s  ( --dir-cache-time )

  ATTRTIMEOUT=30s  ( --attr-timeout)

  BUFFERSIZE=0  ( --buffer-size )

  READAHEAD=128k  ( --max-read-ahead )

  M_UID=0  ( --uid )

  M_GID=1015  ( --gid )

  DIRPERMS=0775  ( --dir-perms )

  FILEPERMS=0644  ( --file-perms )

  UMASK=002  ( --umask )

  BINDSD=0  ( default binds remote to /sdcard/Cloud/* )

  SDBINDPOINT=  ( relative to /storage/emulated/0)

  SDSYNCDIRS= (relative to /storage/emulated/0)

VFS cache is much better than the old cache backend but you need to update rclone. This module is based on an older version of rclone. Download the repo as a zip and replace /binary/rclone-arm with the Arm Android build from here . After renaming, zip and install via Magisk manager.

Afterwards in your param file, set CACHEMODE=full and ADD_PARAMS=--cache-dir /sdcard/rclone-cache to set the cache location. For external storage, use a file explorer to find the location of the storage, normally in /storage/

How come VFS is much better?

Also I'm trying to understand about how rclone mount works. Does it download to disk/storage in chunks to send out to plex clients? or does it download chunks to RAM to send to plex clients?

I'm just worried about my shield's write cycles. I did a test on my NUC and I noticed that no write cycles were used at all. But i would just like for someone to confirm for me to make sure im not missing anything and that i wont end up destroying my shield.

Thanks!. And sorry for the noob questions. I'm new to rclone so I don't quite understand how it all functions.

VFS, for me at least, tends ton be faster and more reliable than the old cache backend. If you don't use either than nothing will be written to disk and it will all be in ram

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