Does rclone ignore file that are currently being copied?

Objective: transfer file from acd to google drive.
Method: download file from acd to local pc. move file to gdrive using rclone.
problem: my local pc has limited hdd space. about 300gb.

solution: downloading file from acd and moving file to gdrive concurrently. files that are downloaded are move asap.

What happen if the file is being currently downloading? Would rclone upload it? currently downloading means that the file is being used by another process to download.

i just want to make sure. this is on windows, not linux.


rclone can copy straight from acd to google drive without using space on your local pc - why not do that?

eg rclone copy acd:path gdrive:path

has the ban on rclone been lift? last time i try the workaround posted in this forum, i get ban from acd. i had to contact the support to release the ban. tried that multiple times(5 times or more) until i decided not to use acd with rclone. now i use odrive and no problem whatsoever.

has the ban been lifted?

There is a workaround. rclone hasn’t been banned, so much as its credentials revoked. If you have a set of credentials then it will work fine.

How can I get such credentials?

Use the link above to use the acd proxy