Does rclone create any tmp files (when copying from http to s3)?

I have a general question about the internal working of rclone. I didn't find a definite answer in the documentation or via the forum search.

I have a aws s3 remote and a file accessible via http. What happens if I copy the http file to s3 via the rclone copy command?

Does rclone download the whole file and store it into a tmp file and uploads it afterwards? If yes: Does it create a temp file?
Or is rclone streaming the http file without ever having the whole source file in memory or on disk?
(Additionally: Is this rclone behavior source and remote specific?)

I also tried to find out it's inner working with lsof and friends but failed to find a definite answer. It would be great if someone can answer this question or give me a hint where to find it online..

Thx for your help and great work!

Rclone does not create any temp files while copying from one remote to other. It downloads chunks of a file and store it to memory and upload to the other remote.

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