Does partial directory(--partial-dir=DIR) feature implemented in rclone?

Hi @ncw ,
I went through rclone documentation and flag list, I didn't found any flag named with ```

I saw "PartialSuffix": ".partial" flag but  PartialDir flag is not coming in the response of options/get api.

I have a requirement where i want .partial file should be kept at some other directory instead of destination.

Following is the discussion link, by going through this I expected It must have implementation

Partial uploads are implemented for some time now and enabled by default on local/ftp/sftp.

You can disable it if needed using --inplace flag.

There is no --partial-dir=DIR flag though. Not sure what you would need it for as always you can simply ignore files with "partial" suffix - defined by --partial-sufix flag.

Thanks for the quick reply. I have some more queries related to this.
1.Does rclone support resuming a partially uploaded file from where it left off if the upload process is interrupted and then restarted. If a file upload is interrupted, Does Rclone will start the upload from the beginning the next time it runs.
2. Is there any flag to control the partial file name. currently partial file name coming like this "Halfgb.dat.texiqej5.partial". Can't it come like "Halfgb.dat.partial". or can we fix the random string "texiqej5".

Sorce:- folder E:\Test\data2 contains a file "Halfgb.dat"
Destination:- F(external drive)

Following command I am using to transfer the data
"srcFs": "local_src:E:\Test\data2",
"dstFs": "local_src:F:\Test1",
"_group": "test_group",

I am using rclone to transfer data from my local drive to an external USB drive and in between external drive is removed . when external drive is inserted again I can see there is .partial file "Halfgb.dat.texiqej5.partial" is available.

When we restarted copy after plugin the drive it is not resuming the upload to the Halfgb.dat.texiqej5.partial file instead it has created new partial file. In that way my external drive left with a unwanted partial file, that we don't want as It is throwing error when we upload external drive data to s3 . we are using crypt remote as well .The error is
"2024/05/09 15:15:28 ERROR : exp-2/dlt/100 objects/10MB-TESTFILE.ORG - Copy - Copy (19) - Copy.pdf.saxafuz7.partial: Failed to copy: failed to open source object: file is too short to be encrypted"

Is there any way to not keep the .partial file in the destination if file transfer is interrupted . problem with --inplace flag is data loss.

No. Resume functionality is not implemented yet. It has been discussed for years but nothing came out if it yet.

You an control its suffix by using -partial-sufix flag

This is correct and how it works. Wit graceful operation stop all partial files should be cleared. But if not then you have to clear them manually if needed.

For S3 transfer simply exclude all partially transferred files by excluding files with your "partial-suffix".

Thanks @kapitainsky , we are on the same page then.