Does cache backend work with Google Photos? Or how can I keep a local list of previous copy?

I want to make sure 1.5+ TB of local photos are copied to Google Photos. I add new photos to various loical folders.

That means, everytime rclone does a copy it has to do a full list of the Google Photos remote.

I'm trying to find ways to speed this up by keeping a local list/cache of what was copied on the previous run?

That way, whenever I do a copy, rclone will compare against the local copy/list and then go straight to uploading new files.

I'm open to any suggestions.

to reduce the number of checks, might try something like
--max-age=24h --no-traverse

That won't work well for me. Sometimes I add new files and their created/modfiied time is very old. Plus, I won't run rclone copy on a schedule. Sometimes it'll happen in a day, sometimes a week.

that has been deprecated. bugs that will never get fixed.
could tweak that.

  • src = output from previous run
  • dst = output from current run
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This is fantastic. Thank you!

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