Does anyone already compare the performance of rclone vs SFTP in term of uploading speed?

Thank you for making rclone available. Understand that rclone has a lot of great features beside cloning files.

Wonder if there is a table/matrix comparing rclone with other files transfer tool in terms of speed to a server with the same hardware, same files. just to see the performance of rclone vs others in terms of uploading speed in a "control" and same env.

Thank you.

There are a lot of variables here

  • which source backend
  • which destination backend
  • size of files
  • desired concurrency
  • desired level of checking (eg use --ignore-checksum for max speed)

In general rclone should be able to max out your network connection.

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Can we just assume source backend as: rclone serve sftp (The one you recommend in post ) my understanding is that, rclone serve sftp is ran on a server as prepared the server to receive files other rclone command as clident?

Then, the fastest command to run with rclone is(?):
rclone copy --sftp-host :sftp:remote/dic ./local/file.mp4 --ignore-checksum

What if we just have the public iP of the server?
rclone copy --sftp-host 129.91.2231.11 :sftp:remote/dic ./local/file.mp4 --ignore-checksum
(129.91.2231.11 is just a make up public ip)

Thank you.

rclone will emulate a sftp server. that receive files from rclone or any sftp client.

it depends, as can tweak --transfers and lot's of other flags.

that would also work, tho need to be sure you want to expose rclone to the open internet.
or hide rclone using tailscale, which is what i do.

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