Documenation issue with rclone mount


chunked-reading should be below vfs-virtual-file-system

which is how the documentation is at

You refer to the "VFS Performance" chapter of serve dlna etc? The same chapter is in mount docs (rclone mount) (as it is part of the help text for the common vfs functionality, which is shared). So perhaps the case is more that the chunked reading chapter in mount docs contains duplicate information from the vfs docs below?

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thanks for working on the ever improving documentation.

the chunked reading section should merged into the VFS section.
to merge the best of each section into one.

for example, in the chunked reading section, this is a more detailed practical example.
With --vfs-read-chunk-size 100M and --vfs-read-chunk-size-limit 0 the following parts will be downloaded: 0-100M, 100M-200M, 200M-300M, 300M-400M and so on. When --vfs-read-chunk-size-limit 500M is specified, the result would be 0-100M, 100M-300M, 300M-700M, 700M-1200M, 1200M-1700M and so on.

as compared to
Rclone will keep doubling the chunk size requested starting at --vfs-read-chunk-size with a maximum of --vfs-read-chunk-size-limit unless it is set to "off" in which case there will be no limit.

and as it is now, the chunked reading flags are lumped under instead of a dedicated section labeled chunked reading

Sure, thanks.

Work in progress:

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looks good, thanks.
imho, a few small tweaks...

line 104: second -> seconds
line 180: big -> large
line 214: is delivered -> delivers

about line 236: It is not allowed for two files in the same directory to differ only by case.
this is not correct, perhaps rclone documentation is not be the place to discuss it.

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