Docker rclone/rclone image/assumption

Protocol questions related to the DockerHub rclone/rclone image.

  1. It appears the Docker hub rclone/rclone is a published image from the rclone organization? Am I correct?

  2. I see a 1.54 tag along with a beta:latest tag. Am I correct in assuming I should use the 1.54 "released" version unless support recommends I try a later version to solve a bug? I am building a Docker Synology rclone -> Wasabi application.

Thanks in advance and my apologies if t missed something. I am trying to only use rclone released software to minimize headaches to the forum and your team.

Great product!!


Yes, that's published by the rclone team and yes, you should generally use the latest tag, unless you need a specific version.

beta:latest should only be used if you are willing to debug any potential issues or if you are asked to do so by someone on the forum or Github.

However, looks like 1.54.1 (the latest stable release) is not available as a tag which @ncw will need to take a look at.

Thank you!!!

You answered several questions. This is cool. Thanks for “fixing” 1.54.1 in he future:-)

It looks like the build failed for some reason... in fact GitHub actions apparently never even tried to build it...

Will investigate further.

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Thanks. Don’t you just “love” software sometimes:-)

Looks like there was an action run for it but it doesn't show up on Github beside the commit:

I did try re-running it manually but even that failed:

The error seems to be in the version string parsing for Makefile specifically for arm64.

The incorrect command for arm64:

go build -v --ldflags "-s -X"

The correct command for arm/v7, 386 & amd64:

go build -v --ldflags "-s -X"

I spent ages looking for that! How did you find it?


I have no idea what is going on there! The same Makefile runs for all 4 versions, it should give the same version number.

I asked the author of the github action how to run them locally - I can't see debugging it any other way!

Looks like there are other occasional failures for arm64 too:

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I've built the v1.54.1 docker by hand now

$ docker pull rclone/rclone
Using default tag: latest
latest: Pulling from rclone/rclone
ba3557a56b15: Pull complete 
cc02e60f4f38: Pull complete 
bf8bb509716c: Pull complete 
b8f0eec3f1ae: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:5bed022be1be2cccd3f76ff074be9d60510fc6f227a20ddf74ff717cc570f03d
Status: Downloaded newer image for rclone/rclone:latest
$ docker run --rm rclone/rclone version
rclone v1.54.1
- os/arch: linux/amd64
- go version: go1.16.2

Hopefully that will be all good.

Life is fun in the fast lane. I wonder if the version is actually there but hidden and possibly something is corrupted due to a hiccup during build; push; commit:-). A GitHub admin may be the only one that can fix it.

Well it is fixed manually now!

I might change the build process to make it a bit more transparent, now I understand it better!

Cool. I am almost ready to rebuild the image with your image as base-). I will use the latest which is now 1.54.1.

I need to sort out what the “entrypoint rclone” is in your image if I remember right. My previous image was a direct alpine image where I copied the rclone64 code distribution and connected the dots:-).

I will be building a new image based on yours that uses my Synology sync code that links to Wasabi. It should be general purpose but I am not a guru like all of you. You made Rclone to be totally configurable via env variables. So now I have a yaml file that will source your stuff, in the yaml file to env variables or possibly files:-). My design may change but with your good code I doubt it will.

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