[docker] Mounting rclone volume for other containers


I'm really having hard time with understanding which way is currently the best to mount rclone remote as volume fpr other containers.

Which on I should use:

I'm trying to understand if volume plugin is better and doesn't limit rclone's functionality.

Additionally if I would use docker plugin, can I init "vfs/refresh command" somehow also?


I use docker for all my applications.

I find no value in adding rclone as a docker bit as it's a single binary with a single config file for me and the update process is insanely easy with selfupdate.

Better or best is very subjective as to me, neither solutions are and I run it outside as systemd gives me more control and I rather do it that way.

Yeah I'm aware of your solution Animosity, but I would like to do everything in docker which would be easier to deploy for me later. That's why I'm trying to understand if it's better to use plugin or bare rclone image for that job.

Additionally I think it would be easier this way to provide some healthchecks to see if it was mounted correctly, etc.

I got your question.

You asked for feedback and I was just sharing my feedback that neither is better for me.

Not sure what you mean by healthchecks as I've never hit a problem on my mounts as they just 'run'.

I meant docker healthchecks which would check if volume was mounted correctly (for example /opt/mount/.test1 exist).

Looking currently for pure docker solution, because this way I can only use docker compose up and have everything running.

Thanks for your input.

I do that all via systemd and ensure that my rclone services are properly running and my docker service is dependent on that.

felix@gemini:/etc/systemd/system/docker.service.d$ cat override.conf
After=rclone-movies.service rclone-tv.service
Requires=rclone-movies.service rclone-tv.service

Works like a champ and shuts down all my docker stuff if my rclone mount was to not work / stop.

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Ok I see now - after some time you dropped mergerfs. Yeah maybe I should skip putting everything in docker and go this way. Anyways I will have look into that kind of solution some time. Thank you for answering my question(s) Animosity!

Mergerfs makes things a bit 'faster' as you can hard link, but I wanted to remove a layer and my upload script as less things in the mix, the less things can break.

It's really up to you on what's best for your setup as I've tuned my stuff for me, my use case and how much I want to maintain or in my case, just let it run by itself.

The only rare times I interact with my setup is when a rclone update comes out and I want to test some things. Other than that, my containers all update with watchtower. My linux box will auto reboot at 4am for any kernel updates. My goal for me was set it and forget about it.

It's like asking the best food as there are better answers but not really a right answer :slight_smile:

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@Animosity022 do you know btw why I'm getting like half speed (56.6MB/s vs +110MB/s) when downloading file directly to rclone mount (/media/Movies)? I'm using your setup with gdrive as a test, but looks like there is some issue with cache so it slows down writing file to it.

//EDIT: after longer period of testing I was able to regain full speds only when I specified below param:


Not sure as without all the details, it’s tough to guess.

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