Do Checksum only between Onedrive for business and google drive

Hi All,

I have just migrated to ''Onedrive for business'' from ''Google Drive''
I would like to do checksum for files after migration and have the report.

May i know if this tools support ''checksum function'' between the above platform instead of re-doing whole migration again?

Thanks for your help!

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Check out:

rclone check

with this command, i could do the checksum between both cloud platform instead of downloading it?

I'd do a small test and validate it does what you want.

Unfortunately Google Drive and Onedrive for business don't have a common checksum. Drive supports MD5 and Onedrive business supports QuickXorHash.

rclone check will check all the files are present and the correct size. If you want to check the contents are identical you'll have to use rclone check --download which will, as it says, download all the data and check it. It doesn't use any local disk space.

Thanks Nick!
but i am little bit confused with ''download all the data and check it. It doesn't use any local disk space.''
If i have 250 GB files on both google and onedrive businesss after migration, how comes ''no local disk space'' consumed for checksum? (If it has to be downloaded to local environment first instead of doing checksum on Cloud directly)

rclone check --download will download the files a chunk at a time to memory and compare them entirely in memory. So no local disk space needed and very little memory.

The pairs of files to check are downloaded in sync so we never buffer the whole file to memory or disk.

So if you ran rclone check --download on 250GB of data, it would download 2 * 250 GB = 500 GB of data but it wouldn't use any disk space and probably only a few 100 MB of RAM.

Thank you Nick!
that means the checksum will be done by downloading to local first and comparing files by ram
Report will be generated afterward and ''uploading to Onedrive for business '' will not be required?

That is correct. The files will be downloaded into RAM and compared byte by byte. No uploading needed,

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