Do api's allow partial sync?

do api's allow partial file syncs?

let's say you sync a VHD file that's 50 gb to sharepoint or onedrive, and then one file changes inside the VHD file. would the api allow rclone to only sync the changed blocks instead of replacing the whole 50 gb file?

i'm in large part asking because very often in the past the feature was actually there and i just didn't know :slight_smile:


hi @jared,

whole file.

not sure what you are doing with the vhd. is is attached to a vm, or what?
one option is to mount the vhd and run rclone against that mounted vhd.

might want to consider a block based backup program such as veeam, restic, kopia, etc...

as you can imagine, i was trying to sync VHD's to the cloud :slight_smile:

syncing veeam backup files to the cloud would also be more efficient with syncing only the changed blocks.

either way, i was mostly wondering if the capability was already there. i know there are new features coming down the pipe quite rapidly :slight_smile:


yeah, i can :wink:

not yet but would be great is rclone could resume uploads.

onedrive's own sync client can do partial sync and resume sync. i'm not sure if the graph api that they have for rclone can do the same though

You are right. But rclone is not onedrive client only:) It has to be rather universal solution and not Microsoft specific.

of course. but each api and file system that rclone connects to is different anyway. so of course the microsoft part of rclone could and does have features that other file systems don't.

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