DLNA missing mp3 tags

I already use rclone to mount Google drive and the like and was pleasantly surprised to discover that it can also be a dlna media server. I was in the market for a simpler dlna solution and this appears to be just the ticket. After a simple rclone serve dlna /srv/music/library I was met with immediate success. MediaMonkey on my android device was able to navigate my library file structure immediately and playback works great. I found it odd, however, that none of my mp3 tags are coming through. All songs are using the filename for title, modified date for release date, and all other fields are "unknown". Is this expected behavior or am I missimg something?

Not sure... Rclone serves the files so the tags can be read from the file if the media player desires.

I don't know very much about the dlna protocol though so maybe it is supposed to supply the tags?

I don't know either. Most dlna servers I've used present a folder structure based on the tags, with an "artist" folder with a subfolder for each artist, a "genre" folder with a subfolder for each genre, etc. So each song is represented in all top-level folders. It appears to be using some kind of database rather than a regular filesystem.

I'm glad rclone doesn't do that because I want more control over my folder structure than that automatic structuring allows, but I suppose it makes sense that most servers serve the tags alongside the file if they're unpacking them anyway... Just speculation though. I have no idea how it works under the hood.

Should I maybe open an issue on Github?

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