Distributed file system info cache

I am looking at getting a reasonable size collection on gdrive but i moved away from gdrive in the past because plex needed to rescan my folders and hit api limits and download limits as every file touched counted as downloading the whole file.

I was wondering if something like a distributed cache using something like the free tier of firebase realtime db would be useful for people running seperated download and playback computers. If you had a central store of all the file structure that never expires and is updated on change then you would not hit API limits apart from for uploading or downloading files.

It would not suit everyone or every situation but would work well for people running encrypted drives as in that case only the encrypted drive itself could make changes no matter what computer it was.

I am wondering if it is still an issue but i assume it is because guides suggest turning a lot of the features that scan the filesystems for files or you get 24 hour bans and i assume that is due to going over api rate limits.

I was wondering if this was a good idea or not. I was trying to find a way to plug something like this in but i am not a GO developer so i would not try this unless others thought it would be a good idea.

Unless you are referring to versions years old, there is no issue with that anymore. Many folks have large Plex / Emby / etc libraries on rclone.

That would overcomplicate it a bit for no real use atm.

I don't use Plex myself, but I gather that assuming you disable some of the worst types of automatic scanning then it should be no issue running a large Plex library on gdrive.

Animosity is the master to ask here because he uses just this exact setup.

You may additionally set up some better VFS metadata caching parameters to make it even faster and easier for Plex to do basic scans (for just picking up on new files ect.). I think Ani makes use of this too, and you should be able to largely steal his config (see his "recommended settings" topic where he shares the specifics of his setup.

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