Directory Name Obfuscate

Hi All,
We are not using directory name encryption on our cloud syncs because we ran into a problem with file path length. Leaving the directory names intact while encrypting the file names has let us scrape by.
Wouldn't it be a nice feature if the "simple obfuscation" feature was also available for directory names, and not just for actual file names? Or, even more ideal (though i'm not sure this is possible) somehow shortening the encrypted directory names; some form of compression or something maybe. Not sure, but a simple obfuscate would already be a big step.
Awesome product and forum though. Cheers :slight_smile:

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It should work for directory names too I think.

I have a prototype for that which I haven't had time to work on - so we are thinking about that

file content encryption options above vs directory name encryption options below:

noice :d between that the certain database feature that will remove the requirement to scan large remotes and get throttled for exceeding the requests/time-allowed, things are looking up : D

In this context

Option to either encrypt directory names or leave them intact.

NB If filename_encryption is "off" then this option will do nothing.
Enter a boolean value (true or false). Press Enter for the default ("true").
Choose a number from below, or type in your own value
 1 / Encrypt directory names.
   \ "true"
 2 / Don't encrypt directory names, leave them intact.
   \ "false"
directory_name_encryption> 1

"encrypt" means "obfuscate" if that is what you've set. So if you chose 1 here your directory names will get obfuscated.

That could probably be clearer...


type = crypt
remote = /tmp/crypted
filename_encryption = obfuscate
password = bewscpccyhQrWKU4NQMyEW6aAiYQRQ6OaXDl
password2 = s7l2QK6iGR4rg52QgdmBIWi9BTCHzXtDzAhf
$ echo hello | rclone rcat --config /tmp/z.config crypt:potato/potoat/afile
$ tree /tmp/crypted/
└── 151.ONSzSN
    └── 151.ONSNzS
        └── 1.zEHKD

ok so just i'm clear, for FILE names, encryption means they're actually encrypted, not just obfuscated.

for DIRECTORY names, encryption means they're just obfuscated, and not technically encrypted?

Files or directories will be encrypted with whatever encryption mode is in use. This may be encryption or obfusctation. The same will be used for both.

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