Directory/file creation with drive mount and vfs

Lately I’ve been using mega-cmd to download to a google drive mount. It works great, except the way mega-cmd operates, is that it builds the directory structure first, and then starts downloading. Since gdrive only allows creation of one new object every second (or something like that) certain downloads take a loooooong time to start.

This is still the case with vfs full. Is there a way to allow the directory structure to be built locally so that I don’t have to wait for the remote to “catch up”?

Let me know if that’s unclear. Rclone 1.53.1, Ubuntu 20.

At the moment creating directories is a synchronous operation in rclone mount...

One thing you could try is use mega-cmd to serve a webdav server and then configure rclone to copy direct from that to google drive. I've use the mega webdav server and it works quite well.

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