Directly download to Google drive mount using aria2

Having issues with directly downloading to google drive rclone mount. I have less disk space, so I am trying to directly write to rclone mount.

I've read some posts that downloading torrents require seek enabled. How do I enable that?

sorry, not sure what you mean? can you describe in more detail what your goal is?

try --vfs-cache-mode-full

if your machine is low on disk space, using --vfs-cache-mode-full will only make that worse.

I have a server where I had my google drive mounted to using rclone mount. Now I want to download torrents directly to my google drive mount point, without saving it first in my server's disk (as I have less disk).

It's okay if I should write a gig or two to the disk first before uploading it to google drive.

if i understand your case, then that is not possible.

torrents involve a lot of small random access read and writes.
to make rclone work with aria2, rclone has the vfs file cache modes, such as --vfs-cache-mode-full

from the vfs file cache, rclone can only upload complete` files that are not in use.

if aria2 is downloading a torrent, then rclone cannot upload that.
once aria2 has finished the torrent and is not using/locking the torrent, then rclone will move the torrent file to gdrive.

one option is to have aria2 download to local directory, not using the rclone mount.
when each file has finished downloading, have aria2 run a script to rclone move that file to gdrive.

when you posted there was a template of questions that help us to help you?

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