Direct sync between DropBox and AWS S3

I'm wondering if there is a way to directly integrate DropBox with S3. I'd like to be able to push data directly to S3 from DropBox without having to download/upload over my own internet connection. Or is a tool like like rclone the only way to achieve that?

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I doubt you'll ever find that as they are two different cloud providers so there would not be any direct integration really.

I don't think dropbox or s3 has a download data from this URL feature in the API, so you'll have to download/upload.

However why not rent an S3 instance for a few hours to do the copy?

Ok thanks. Well, this would be an ongoing process to archive data out of DropBox into S3 (actually Wasabi). I'd like to have a back end process that would periodically transfer the data automatically.

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