Direct download to rclone gdrive mount?

I am looking into getting a (really cheap) VPS to handle sonarr and radarr downloads since my internet is limited to 10 megabits/s. My issue is that every VPS I am looking at doesn't have enough storage to handle the downloads which can be up to 70 GB. I am actually considering cheaper VPS options such as the buyvm 512mb RAM and 10 GB SSD.

Is it possible to have sonarr/radarr have sabnzbd download directly to a rclone mount of Google Drive?
If so, is it possible for sonarr/radarr properly rename the file once completed?

OS: Ubuntu 14 (probably)
Storage System: Google Drive (Team Drive)
rclone Version: newest (not setup yet)

Majority of applications require to write first and then upload. You can always test it and see if it works, but you'd have a much better experience just giving it some disk space and letting it do it's thing.

I currently have it setup at home with a 4TB drive using your guide. It works great but it would take more than a year to upload what I have on my list with my speed.

I forgot to mention that I would be using encryption which may be an issue with what I want to do.

Rclone is the middle man so whatever server it is running on, you use that bandwidth to upload.

To upload directly, it depends on how Sonarr/Radarr work as you can point it to the mount and see what happens. If it works, great. If not, it'll have an error in the log. Unzipping and such is going to be pretty painful slow though so might not be a great fix anyway.

Thank you for the insight. I think I'll just stick to the setup I have then. I can prioritize the important stuff and eventually (under 2 years) finish with everything else.

Who knows, maybe fiber will make it to my area.

add Slabs to your BuyVM slice, 256 GB only $1.25 and it will solve your issue. There is no significant difference between paying $2/mo (512 MB VPS without slab) and $3.25/mo (512 MB VPS with 256 GB slab)

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