Dir-cache-time vs poll-interval

What’s the difference between the dir-cache-time and poll-interval options for rclone mount? Do they perform the same function? Wouldn’t the cache already be updated/refreshed every time the remote is polled?

Thanks in advance

poll-time is how often rclone asks drive “have you got any changes?”. dir-cache-time is how long rclone is willing to keep directory entries around before deciding they are too old and discarding them.

You likely want to set dir-cache-time high, or infinite and the poll time lower (say 1 minute).

Hate to dig up an old thread, but thought I should post here rather than make a new one…

What is the lowest you can go on poll-interval without negative implications? If you make the dir-cache-time high, but poll-interval low will directory changes be updated according to the poll-interval?

In the documentation I see poll-interval is only on supported remotes. Is Box one of these?

I’ve seen people using that successfully with google drive.

As for how low the poll-interval - likely you’ll hit rate limiting or bans at some point, but I’m sure 1m is fine, and 10s is probably OK too!

Normally I’d point you here to answer that question but we don’t appear to have put that in the table :blush:


Box isn’t supported for poll interval at the moment. It looks like box does support the relevant API - fancy implementing it? If so please make a new issue on github and I’ll talk you through it.